1 Jun-22 Dec 2019 Paris (France)



One world, one health

The DIM 1HEALTH Project is based on the concept of global health "one world, one health" more relevant than ever in a context of climate change, global population growth, shifting sanitary pressure, in the human population as in animal populations. This research project in human and animal infectiology aims to detect, set up new surveillance methods, anticipate emerging diseases and initiate new therapeutic pathways by remaining attentive to societal demand.

DIM Axes

AXIS 1: Anticipate the emergence of human and animal infectious diseases

  • Contribution of broad methodologies
  • Study of impacts on environmental impacts
  • Epidemiological surveillance

AXIS 2: Prevent and treat infectious diseases

  • Innovative approaches to vaccination
  • New therapeutic strategies (human or animal)
  • Impact of genetic variability of hosts for their immune defenses against pathogens and responses to vaccination

AXIS 3: Social Perceptions of Infectious Disease Prevention and Innovation

  • Impacts of therapeutic and diagnostic innovations
  • Transformations of relationships between humans and animals

DIM1HEALTH Managing Institutions


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